Reviews and Testimonials

"Worth checking out!"
-Jamie Cullum

"...badass loop-master Christopher Bill unleashed his jazzy, complex trombone version of "Happy," which finds the pony-tailed maverick utilizing music software Ableton Live, building phrase after phrase into a tower of groove."

"This was one of the best musical experiences my students had this school year.  The students were captivated by your performances, use of technology, and discussions of music as a career. Because your clinic covered so many musical topics, all of our instrumental and choral students were equally captivated.  Your presentation made a great impression on the students.  Based on my students’ enthusiastic reactions and inquisitive questioning it was obvious that they were connecting with both your music and life stories. I have been strongly encouraging numerous other school districts to have you as guest clinician. Thank you again for providing my students with an experience that they will be able to take with them well beyond their high school years."
-Letter from Ari Contzius, Washingtonville High School Bands