Classes available for any age group and any number of attendees, from a small intimate class of young students to a large, age diverse public event. If you're interested in any of the below options or would like more info, please fill out as much of the performance request form as you can (using TBD or N/A for any unknown answers) and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Types of Masterclasses & Performances Available:
  • Music Technology Masterclasses & Clinics
  • Music/Viral Marketing Masterclasses & Clinics
  • Performance Anxiety Masterclasses & Clinics
  • Practicing Masterclasses & Clinics
  • Guided General Q&As
  • Solo Recitals (w/Technology Accompaniment)
  • Solo Recitals (w/Piano Accompaniment)
  • Trombone Quartet Concerts
  • Featured Soloist (including jazz, classical, and crossover repertoire)

Notable Performances include:
  • Western International Band Clinic (Seattle, WA)
  • International Trombone Festival (Rochester, NY)
  • Midwest Clinic (Chicago, IL)
  • American Trombone Workshop (Arlington, VA) - Video Here
  • Cond√© Nast Digital Day (Moscow, Russia) - Article Here
  • Texas Bandmasters Association Festival (San Antonio, TX) - Video Here
  • Con Brio Whistler Music Festival (Whistler, BC, Canada)
  • Con Brio Sun Peaks Music Festival (Sun Peaks, BC, Canada) - Video Here
  • Conn-Selmer Institute (Elkhart, IN)