Wednesday, 12/9/09

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So its been a little over 4 months since my first post. Today was a snow day and I'm very well rested to say the least. This past weekend was the NYSSMA Conference All-State Festival in Rochester. Interestingly enough it was in exactly the same place as my previous blog entry. The experience I had in the 4 days ranks 2.. but it's a tie. My top 5 would be...

5- DMA (summer after freshman year) 
4- Brigadiers (summer after sophomore year) 
2- AMA (summer after junior year) 
2- All-State (winter of sexnior year)
1- Italian Exchange (spring of junior year)

DMA lasted 1 week and I met lots of people. I stay in contact with some of them, but the friendships died after a couple weeks. Brigadiers lasted 6 months and I stay in contact with quite a few of the people I met.. but none of my experience there was overwhelming.. just really beneficial. AMA- I was with 87 people for 3 weeks and could probably list the names of about 75 of them. This was pretty recent, but almost every single one of the people I met are pretty close and I don't see that changing. Italian Exchange- got really close to a dozen kids from my school in an almost cult-like manner. I met a whole bunch of Italian students and learned more in 3 weeks than I have my whole life. As far as All-State goes.. I really would have liked for it to last longer. It was 4 days and a lot of new people. I bonded with a group of kids from my area and met a handful of new people, but I wish we could have socialized more. Instead, we practiced, had a concert, and left. Facebook is a wonderful thing.

I saw the Vienna Boys Choir perform this evening. It was exactly what I could have expected.. but didn't. The entire time I just wanted to get up on stage and fill out some chords with my low bass voice. Needless to say that never actually happened. Interesting none-the-less.

Tomorrow I'm getting a lesson with my hopefully to-be-trombone professor. Should be beneficial. I'm pretty excited for it.. I hope I'm prepared.

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Friday, 9/4/2009

posted Sep 4, 2009, 11:28 PM by Christopher Bill

Right now I'm laying in bed in the Radisson Riverside hotel. It's 2:30 AM and we have 2 people sleeping on the ground on air mattresses (Steve and Ray) while Dave (trumpet) and I sleep in the beds. This is the final weekend for the Brigadiers DCA Corps 2009... coming in just for the end of the season I feel like the corps is... not as ready as most would like to be, but I feel like if we have an "on" performance it'll be a nice way to end the season. Today I got up around 7:30 and headed out around 8. We got up to Syracuse and waited there for the bus, then continued on the Rochester. Rehearsal here was fine.. I feel like last year we were a little more stressed and things, but I also realize that was the first time I'd been through it.. this time it's more for fun anyway. I'm less attached to the show, so really I'm performing simply to please myself.. and when I do a great job and other people like it too it's a bonus! Anyway, I love finals weekend because up until this time it is mostly just rehearsal and shows and performances. Now it's some rehearsal and shows.. quite a bit of time off and party time. This is where I made most of my friends last year... not the endless hours on the field for the whole summer. It really is interesting how these things function. Tomorrow we have preliminary competition where we are 8th at this point. Sunday is World Finals where hopefully we go on 7th or 6th depending on our score tomorrow. Well, there's a long day ahead of me.. and it begins real soon. This is way too much work to be fun.. and way too much fun to be work. Sleep time.

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